Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Slutification of Dora?

My distrust of Dora the Explorer is well known (view archives Nov. 6, 2007) but then it was her immigration and indoctrination habits. Now, her handlers think she needs to "mature" so that she will be attractive to tweens.

Tweens? I hate that term! Between Child and Teen? Isn't that a 12 yr. old? Can't kids stay kids before they become miniature Britney Spears?

Parents: Turn the damn TV off and send your kids outside to play!


Don the Baptist said...

Actually, you sound rather irenic compared to Alec.

Kathleen Flynn said...

I had to look that word up before I realized you weren't insulting me.:)

Don the Baptist said...

Don the Baptist: Advancing vocabularies since 1984.