Wednesday, August 1, 2007

It Begins . . .

I can't imagine that anyone is interested in the stuff I'm thinking, yet here you are!
It's probably not safe for the moron driver or the shopper ahead of me to know my thoughts. (I think they're related. Not to me. To each other. On my brother’s side.)
In a really dicey situation there may be a bit of cursing in my thinking chamber. And don't get me started on the voices!
So, I'll wander through the nether regions of my gray matter (What's the matter? Nothing, what's the matter with you?) If I trip over any bits of wisdom I'll let you know. It's quite likely that I'll let you know anyway, regardless of quality. You'll need to decide which ones you want.
I can't do everything. I'm not your maid.


Anonymous said...

Were you behind me in Wal-Mart yesterday?

Jane said...

People will be interested. Good luck with the blog :)