Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Six years ago our nation stood together, sharing tears and heartbreak. We were united in our pain and steadfast in our love of country. Republicans and Democrats stood on the steps of Congress and sang 'God Bless America'. This nation stood shoulder to shoulder and prayed that God would help us even though we’d pushed Him away.

When I see the images of that day my grief is renewed but so is my determination. I love this country and I would give my life in her defense. Because someone else's son, brother or father went in my place that has not been required.

I pray that this nation will remember why we are at war. Let's stop the bickering and remember that terrorists attacked our country in three separate locations and remember that nearly 3000 innocent lives were lost that day. Their attack was no less an act of war than the bombing of Pearl Harbor was. Americans worked together then to insure that freedom could continue to ring. We must work together again or risk losing everything we hold dear.

Because of those who have volunteered then and now, I am free to write about 'Stuff I'm Thinkin' regardless of whether anyone cares. I can make jokes about our nation's politicians without fear (although my taxes may be audited after the 2008 election), I can gripe about the price of gas and about damn ants. I can worship God freely and loudly.

Outside of heaven it doesn't get much better than that!