Sunday, September 9, 2007

White Coats

Those white-coated guys have held me captive! They tricked me into trying on a jacket (they said) had been made especially for me.

I don't know who their tailor is but the sleeves were way too long- they wrapped all the way around to my back! The designer must have had a thing for buckles too- those hideous sleeves and the back of the jacket had buckles everywhere. Weird.

I wouldn't recommend their Interior Designer either- the "green" room was a hideous gray. Worse, it was padded, wrapped in thick foam and covered with fabric-even the floor! There wasn't a stick of furniture either. Such an odd design, the place just screamed Crazy!

Anyway, they finally set me free once I convinced them that I was Al Gore's sister and that Ants create carbon emissions.

I hated to play the "Gore" card, but desperate times require desperate measures.


Anonymous said...

This ant thing is spreading - your youngest granddaughter asked me tonight if the ant in the book we were reading was a damn ant or and immigrANT and then laughed ! Even the little one that china has exposed to lead (to take over the world)have gotten on the ant wagon ! Dont worry bout playing the Gore card, Bill does it all the time !

Don the Baptist said...

They're Coming to Take Me Away?

As in...

"You laughed , you laughed! I heard you laugh!

You laughed and laughed and laughed and then you (I wish) left. And now you see that I am utterly MAD!"

Kathleen Flynn said...

That will be my official theme song!

Don the Baptist said...

I like vid #2 the best.