Saturday, January 12, 2008

Prayer for Today

Dear Lord~
As You know, there's an important football game today- not as important as other stuff You already have on Your To-Do list, (which must be a gi-normous list what with the Primaries going on!) but it's important to me and anyone who doesn't like the New England Patriots. (And seriously, isn't that just about anybody with a lick of sense? I'm just saying . . .)

Anyway, could You see Your way clear to keep the Patriots from winning today? Kinda like You stopped the Egyptians at the Red Sea? Dead in their tracks? Make their wheels fall off and stuff? You don't have to use water- unless you want to, I mean that's totally up to You. This means that Jacksonville has to win but I can live with that.

Also, if You could give favor to the Indianapolis Colts tomorrow and let them win their division, Dude! That would be awesome! (What am I saying? You CREATED awesome!)

On a totally different subject: thanks for steering that asteroid away from Mars. If they had collided You know Al Gore would have blamed it on global warming and the Bush Administration.


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