Monday, May 12, 2008

Text Stuff

I don’t ‘get’ text messaging. It seems incredibly time consuming and encourages people to spell badly.
“cn u c me 2dy?”
Come on, couldn’t you call me and ask the same question without appearing illiterate?
What's so important that you had to let me know right now?
Isn't texting fairly useless in the event of an emergency?


Don the Baptist said...

My cell phone helps me out with texting. If I type in a "H" to say "Hi" it helps me out by writing "Help" or some other useless thing. Then if I try to backspace it only takes off the last letter. When I backspace further it even takes off the "H" without my TRYING to delete the "H". THAT is of the devil!

Kathleen Flynn said...

I might as well face it! I fell under the wheels of the technology bus.
The truth is I don't know how to text. And so, in my ignorance I make fun of it.

Don the Baptist said...

Me too slooooooooow to text. And, as I tried to show above I can't figer it out, either.