Saturday, November 24, 2007


Like a trapped animal, I sit in a corner. The walls shield me, allowing me to see approaching danger. I am watchful for any sudden noise or movements.

The Hunter’s eyes narrow in examination of my every breath, always vigilant, searching for a sign of surrender.

My nerves and muscles are rigid. I’m prepared to escape should the opportunity present itself. An hour, then two pass by with no relief in sight.

My head pounds with my brain’s commands of Run Now! Run! Thoroughly aware of the Hunter’s domination, my body refuses the order. I force my spirit deeper into the corner, a futile attempt at invisibility.

The Hunter’s voice echoes across the room with a command. I cannot flee and must, at last, succumb to the Hunter’s will.

I lift my head and respond, "Yes, Mother."


Karrie said...

Thought I was reading a Dean Koontz or a Stephen King novel till I got to the Yes, Mother part.

Too Funny

Don the Baptist said...

I think I prefer my dad and I genially ignoring each other.

Kathleen Flynn said...

I'd prefer ignoring your dad too.

Fantabulous Kara said...

I love this,,i read it to my mother..yet i still love it!